Before sending any events related to buildings, it is crucial to send all available buildings to the platform. This step enables the system to have complete information about the buildings and their attributes, allowing for accurate recommendations.

Example JSON

  "id": "e75ff537-fee4-4153-bc5d-be4bc5726dd8",
  "customerBuildingId": "12345",
  "zip": "12345",
  "countryCode": "DE",
  "city": "Berlin",
  "settings": {},
  "devices": [
      "id": "cb16399f-af20-428e-ad2f-69380f9f07a2",
      "location": "Garage",
      "type": "Wallbox",
      "vendor_name": "KEBA",
      "product_name": "KEBA Wallbox P30c",
      "metadata": {},
      "createdAt": 1608299956,
      "updatedAt": 1608299956


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