Checks whether first argument or the second argument is true.

Boolean OR Boolean

Scalar<Boolean> OR Scalar<Boolean> : Scalar<Boolean>
Scalar<Boolean> OR GroupedScalar<Boolean> : GroupedScalar<Boolean>
GroupedScalar<Boolean> OR Scalar<Boolean> : GroupedScalar<Boolean>
GroupedScalar<Boolean> OR GroupedScalar<Boolean> : GroupedScalar<Boolean>

Comparing if one of Scalar<Boolean> OR Scalar<Boolean> is true. Returns a Scalar<Boolean> with true when one of the terms result in true. Returns false when both terms are false.

If one argument is a Scalar, and the other one a GroupedScalar, then the operation is performed by taking the Scalar value and the value of each group value, which results another GroupedScalar (it has same group size, as the one from the input argument).

If both arguments are GroupedScalar, then the operation is performed by taking values with same group key, which results in another Grouped Scalar (the group size is equal or smaller than the ones of the input arguments).


Check if the PowerConsumption is greater 0 OR the PowerProduction is > 0. Only returns false if both are false.

$Consumption > 0 OR $Production > 0

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