MOOST API Integration

In case your organization is implementing the MOOST API integration on your own, you are in charge to synchronize necessary building and device data, and then feed events into MOOST Recommender Platform.

API Usage

MOOST API is OAuth2 based. Therefore first you have to obtain an access token with your client id and client secret. Then you are able to call the MOOST API's, by using the provided access token.

The access token can be re-used for multiple calls, but eventually expires after some hours.

API Documentation

The MOOST API is published as Swagger API documentation and can be found here:

Set up Data Feeds

In the next steps we will guide you through the needed steps to be able to setup buildings, send events and send interactions with notifications to the MOOST recommender platform

Request Access Token

Synchronize Buildings and Devices

Forward Events

Notifications and Interactions

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