Building Detail

This page provides detailed insights into a specific building, including its base data and various performance dashboards. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you understand and utilize the features available on this page.

Building Information

  • Customer Building ID: Displays the unique identifier for the building.

  • Location: Shows the location of the building, including city and country code.

  • Streaks: Displays any current streaks associated with the building (e.g., days since last incident).

Date Range Selector

  • Enter a date range: Located at the top right corner, this allows you to select a specific date range for the data displayed in the dashboards. Click the calendar icon to pick the start and end dates.


The Building Detail page features multiple dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of the building's data:

  1. Per Rule:

    • Pie Chart: Displays the distribution of events or issues per rule. Each segment represents a different rule, with the size indicating the proportion of events.

    • Table: Below the pie chart, a table shows detailed data for each rule, including the sum and breakdown of events.

  2. Delivery Status:

    • Pie Chart: Illustrates the delivery status of events. The segments show the percentage of events that were delivered, dropped (only for early adopters), or dropped due to time constraints.

  3. Interactions:

    • Pie Chart: Depicts the types of interactions within the building. Segments represent different interaction types such as 'Viewed' and 'Openapp', with their respective percentages.

    • Stacked Area Chart: Illustrates the percentage distribution of the interactions from households with the recommendations of MOOST over time.

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