Data graph

The part on top of the rule configurator is called the data graph. It visualizes the data which is defined by the datasets of the rule for a certain building.

Action Bar

The bar at the top of the data graph is called the action bar. It features settings, like the active toggle of a rule and the components which define which data is visualized within the datagraph.

Building Selector

On top of the data graph is the building selector. The building selector allows you to visualize the datasets of a rule for a specific building.

Date Range Selector

Next to the building selector is the date range selector. The date range selector defines for which date range the datasets will be visualized. It also defines for which date range a simulation run will be executed when clicking on "RUN SIMULATION" in the action bar.


On top of the graph are the notifications as a envelop icon, which were generated by the rule. Below the notifications, the datasets that have been defined in the rule are displayed as a time series.


Each line is a the representation of a set of datapoints which we have in the system for the selected building. By hovering over a data point of the line the value of the respective datapoint is displayed.


Datasets are the basis of each rule. You may attach one or multiple event types, and optionally a set of event sources to a dataset.

The created datasets are rendered in the graph as a single line per event and source type. The displayed datasets can be found in the legend on top of the graph. By clicking on the name of a dataset in the legend the line for the dataset can be hidden or displayed.

They y-axis is dynamically changed according to the types which are defined on the datasets.


The y-axis differ in the scale that they provide, and it is able to display data types, even when having a mixed dataset of different unit types. For example if a dataset is temperature based, and another one is power based, the y-axis renders both a scale for temperature in °C, and for power in W.


At the top of the graph you may see notifications that were generated by the rule. They are represented by small envelops. The color of the envelops represent the status of the notification:


Hover over the notification icon to see the notification message which was generated. This is the same content that users saw on their device, if the notification was delivered.

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