Besides datasets, condition and message, the rule has a couple of additional settings which are required.


The name of the rule. The name is for internal use only (i.e. is not customer-facing), has to be unique, and should give a good understanding what the rule is about.


This field may be used to describe the rule in more detail. This is for internal use only (i.e. is not customer-facing).

Match Threshold

This field defines, how often a condition has to be met, before the message is delivered.

If this value is set to "0" (default), then it will always be delivered.

Time between Notifications

When a message has been delivered, we might want to make sure that the same rule does not trigger another message for the same building for some time. This can be defined in this field.

Messages which would have been sent, but were within this time range, can be seen in the data graph as Dropped Notifications.

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