Platform On-boarding

As a first step ask MOOST to on-board you onto the MOOST Recommender Platform.

What we need from you

  • Organisation name - optionally you may provide an organisation logo URL.

  • Email addresses of members of your organizations which need access to the admin frontend. Of course, we can add more members to the group at a later stage.

  • Email address and mobile number of a member which is responsible for the API integration. We will send parts of the API secrets via these two channels. We use two channels due to security reasons.

  • Email address of billing administrator.

What we do for you

  • We create a customer on the MOOST Recommender Platform. This key element is needed for many processes, such as e.g. registering buildings, and then feed events.

  • We set up logins to the MOOST admin frontend for members of your organization. The frontend enables you to get in-sights about the MOOST Recommender Platform, so that you are able to see the available rules and buildings, processed events or delivered notifications.

  • We set up API secrets and send them to the person on your side which will be responsible for the API integration. The API secrets will enable you to access our API's, so that you may e.g. read delivered notifications.

  • We set up the rules by selecting the relevant ones from our use-case library.

  • We set up the pricing for the monthly billing.

  • We set up the Training Jobs that are needed to periodically train our Machine Learning Models with our Events to get more precise results over time.

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