Return Notification Interaction


To train our algorithms based on the actions taken by End-users, it is important that the action qualifier, which identifies the action that was taken by the End-user, is returned to the Recommender Platform.

You need to be authenticated to be able to send the interaction back to the Recommender Platform API. Please refer to “API Authentication” for further details on how to obtain a valid bearer token.

How to send a Push-notification interaction

Each notification is delivered with a unique ID to the customer’s REST Endpoint. (See Receive Notifications | Notification Fields for a full list of fields that are contained on the notification object). The MOOST Recommender Platform exposes the interaction endpoint on to which the actionQualifer of the clicked action can be sent.

When to send notification interactions

Notification interactions must be returned to MOOST on any interaction the enduser has with a notification. This includes to following interactions:

  • Pressing the primary button

  • Pressing the secondary button

  • Pressing on the notification itself

  • Dismissing the Notification (Swipe left)

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