Rule Language

The Rule Language is a powerful feature which we use in the Recommender Platform to process event streams, test condition rules, and produce relevant and precise recommendation messages.

Expressions in Rule Language look similar to expressions in Excel or other comparable tools or script/program languages.

To give a first impression, have a look at the following examples, which give an idea how the language can be used:


Example of a boolean expression which compares multiple values and uses AND/OR operators:

$GridPowerConsumption > 500 AND ($CarChargingMode = 0 OR $CarChargingMode = 4) 
AND $IsLowTariffHours = 0

Example of a text expression, which concatenates static text and dynamic data:

"Heat: " + $HeatCelsius::Value + " °C / " + ($HeatCelsius::Value - 273.15) + " K"


Read in the next sub-chapters about the language syntax, the data types and structures, and how to process these with the help of functions and operations.

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