Building Configuration

This page allows you to view and edit the configuration settings of a specific building. Below is a detailed guide to help you understand and utilize the features available on this page.

Building Information

  • Customer Building ID: Displays the unique identifier for the building.

  • Status Indicator: Shows the current status of the building (e.g., Active) at the top right corner.


  • Location: Displays the location of the building, including city and country code.

High Tariff Hours

  • High Tariff Hours: Shows the high tariff hours for each day of the week. These hours are likely when energy usage is at a premium rate.


  • Early Adopter Checkbox: A checkbox indicating if the building is part of the early adopter program.

  • Deactivated Rules Dropdown: A dropdown menu to select and view any rules that have been deactivated for the building.


  • Filter: A search bar to filter devices by ID, type, or product name.

  • Device List: A table displaying the devices associated with the building, including:

    • Device ID: The unique identifier for each device.

    • Type: The type of device (e.g., HEAT_PUMP, INVERTER).

    • Product: The product name and model.

    • Discovered: The date the device was discovered and added to the system.

Action Buttons

  • Save: A button to save any changes made to the building configuration.

  • Cancel: A button to discard any changes and revert to the previous configuration.

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