When a rule's condition matches, then a message is created and possibly sent to the customer. A message consists of a title, a message text, and actions (primary & secondary). It needs to be defined for languages German, English and optionally French.

Message Title

This field contains the content for the message title.

Message Text

This field contains the content for the message text, and may contain dynamic data, so that e.g. the effective grid power consumption of the last week may be embedded into the message, with a suitable formatting.

IMPORTANT: this field does not expect a static text, like in the message title, but same syntax as expected in the Condition field. I.e. it has to be expressed as a mathematical expression which produces a text. It consists of:

  • dataset references E.g. $MyConsumption refers to the dataset with name MyConsumption

  • values E.g. text "Excpected consumption is..." (text can be wrapped in single or double quotes)

  • operators E.g. plus operator + (for text concatination, or number addition), or format operator | to format numbers, etc

  • functions E.g. average function MAX(...), which finds the maximum value of specified time series

Have a look at Rule Language to see the full feature set of the expression language.

Primary and Secondary Action Text

This field contains the text which should be displayed for the primary and secondary action.

Primary and Secondary Action

This field defines the action category of the primary and secondary action.

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